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Senate tees up its stopgap funding bill. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) plans to pass the bill this week and deliver it to the House. Senate leaders expect that the bill would pass with bipartisan support if given the chance, but divisions remain among House Republicans

Michigan House approves bill that shifts municipal tax collection to state. The legislation would align 23 other cities with local income taxes with the city of Detroit, which relies on the state to collect its municipal income tax and enforce compliance. The bill comes in response to some cities’ struggles with tax collection and administration capacity. It would help implement an $18 million line item in the state’s budget for the fiscal year that expands the state’s local income tax collection capabilities. The bill passed the House along party lines and heads to the Senate for approval. The National Federation of Independent Businesses of Michigan opposes the bill. 

Kansas education leaders plan to deny accreditation to a tax-credit-seeking private school. The Kansas Board of Education plans to vote against accrediting Urban Preparatory Academy. The school is run by an advocate for tax-credit scholarships and other school choice measures. The tax credit program approved by Kansas lawmakers in 2014 requires schools receiving funds to be accredited by the state board. The state says the school did not submit the required information for accreditation. The school’s leader claims a denial of accreditation would be “politically motivated.”

In the UK, Liberal Democrats oppose tax increases. The party dropped its pledge to raise the income tax. “I don’t think it’s credible for any opposition party to raise the tax burden more than the Conservatives are doing,” said party leader Ed Davey. Previously, the party had pledged to raise the country’s income tax by one percentage point. 


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