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Intuit TurboTax celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month, honoring its extraordinary Hispanic employees. Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to recognize and highlight the contributions of Hispanic individuals to our culture and society. TurboTax is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace – a place where all employees feel appreciated and respected. 

Our Hispanic employees make the company stronger and more innovative. This month and all year long, we are proud to acknowledge these individuals and the people that have empowered them to be who they are today. We all have someone who has helped, empowered and inspired us through tough times—someone who was there for us and contributed to our own prosperity.

For that reason, TurboTax is launching #ProsperidadLatina, a social give-back campaign to recognize people who have supported and empowered Hispanics to prosper in their lives and achieve their dreams. Join us in expressing our gratitude to the mentors, teachers, bosses, family members, and others who have made a positive impact on our Hispanic employees’ lives, and consider nominating someone yourself.

Meet Aili Chatfield-Taylor, Intuit Group Manager

Aili, a Cuban Panamanian American living in the United States for about 25 years, is an Intuit Group Manager who leads service design for the Consumer Group. She nominated her husband, Mathiessen, for the #ProsperidadLatina sweepstakes as a token of appreciation for all his constant support throughout her career. 

“I wouldn’t be where I am in my career today without his encouragement and support. I invite you to join the #ProsperidadLatina campaign,” Aili states.  

Don’t forget to check our blog each Friday for the duration of Hispanic Heritage Month for more inspirational videos! And if you would like to recognize someone that has created a positive impact in your life, give them a shoutout by participating in #ProsperidadLatina campaign for the chance to both win, $2,500! 

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