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House defense spending bill faces bipartisan opposition. Roll Call reports that House GOP leaders had to postpone consideration of the rule for floor debate on their $826.4 billion defense spending bill. With the stalemate between House conservatives and Democrats, House leaders are discussing a three- to four-week stopgap funding measure to avert a government shutdown on Oct. 1.

Policymakers continue to learn from the temporary CTC expansion. TPC’s Nikhita Airi and Berkeley Opportunity Lab’s Joseph Broadus review key lessons from the temporary expansion of the Child Tax Credit (CTC), which expired in 2021. Among them: full CTC refundability reduced racial disparities in accessing the credit, while simplified tax filing helped families who don’t traditionally file taxes claim the credit. CTC policy debates haved since moved to state legislatures. State policymakers may need to clarify how the design of state CTCs could impact eligibility for certain federal benefits, such as Medicaid or the Supplemental Assistance Nutrition Program.

In Ohio, a plan to freeze property taxes for some who are 70 and older. A bipartisan group of lawmakers has launched an effort that would freeze property taxes at the current levels for people older than 70 whose annual incomes are below $70,000. Eligible homeowners must also have owned their homes for at least 10 years. Property values have hit historic highs in counties across Ohio this year, and property tax bills are increasing, reports The Columbus Dispatch.

Indian government to consider another tax on diesel engine vehicles. This week, the nation’s road transport minister told automobile manufacturing executives that he’ll propose an additional 10 percent tax on diesel vehicles. He warned of higher taxes in the future to reduce diesel reliance and cut fuel emissions and pollution. India currently levies a 28 percent tax on diesel vehicles and additional levy contingent on a vehicle’s engine capacity. 


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