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Attention all business owners: a new and exciting offering from TurboTax is now available! Introducing the TurboTax Business Tax Center, a curated content hub focused on topics including business income, self-employment, and much more.

After a successful launch in tax year 2022, TurboTax Live Business is now back! With TurboTax Live Business, business entities that are partnerships (1065), S-Corps (1120-S) and multi-member LLCs will be matched with tax experts knowledgeable in their tax situation. Small business owners can fully hand their taxes off to a specialized tax expert experienced in the complexities of small business taxes through TurboTax Live Full Service Business, or, in select states, choose unlimited virtual expert help as they file through TurboTax Live Assisted Business. Experts will help optimize business tax savings and provide year-round guidance.

You can fully hand off your taxes to tax experts, giving yourself the peace of mind you need to run your business effectively. So why not give TurboTax a try today and simplify your tax filing process?

Intuit QuickBooks customers who also want to file with TurboTax can file directly on QuickBooks, powered by TurboTax this year! 

Don’t miss the chance to streamline your tax preparation process and enjoy our brand-new TurboTax Business Tax Center.

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