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Congress: See you in September. House leaders had hoped the chamber would pass many of the 12 annual funding bills this month before heading out on August recess. Instead, the Republican majority passed one. They were unable to break a stalemate between party factions. Congress with just three weeks until government funding expires on September 30.

IRS names David Padrino to head its overhaul efforts. Padrino will serve as Chief Transformation and Strategy Officer and oversee the implementation of the IRS strategic spending plan. Barring proposed cuts, the Inflation Reduction Act gave the agency about $80 billion for increased enforcement and improved customer service. Padrino most recently served in the Office of Personnel Management as its Chief Transformation Officer.

Legislation would target the PGA’s tax-exempt status. Senate Finance Committee Chair Ron Wyden (D-OR) introduced the Sports League Tax-Exempt Status Limitation Act and the Ending Tax Breaks For Massive Sovereign Wealth Funds Act. The bills arrive amid a proposed merger between the PGA Tour and the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF). The bills would revoke the PGA Tour’s tax exemption and deem the PIF ineligible for a lucrative tax break that applies to sovereign wealth funds.

Moms for Liberty: Is it following rules for its tax-exempt status? A Michigan attorney has filed an IRS complaint against the parental rights group. The complaint alleges that the group is in violation of its 501(c)4 non-profit status, questioning whether it is a political educational organization. The complaint says the group has made public posts endorsing Republican candidates, has campaigned for Republican candidates, and links to partisan training materials.

Kenya’s government and opposition agree to talks. After deadly protests over tax increases, two opposition groups plan to discuss the composition of the Kenya’s election commission and creation of an office for the leader of the opposition. But discussions will not include the tax increases, which are already facing court challenges. On Friday, an appeals court lifted a suspension of the law that doubled the value-added tax on fuel and implemented a new housing levy.


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