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Canada’s digital services tax implementation date inches closer. Via Politico Pro, Canada’s Finance Minister Christie Freeland introduced tax measures yesterday including plans for its upcoming Digital Services Tax (DST), which would affect US-based multinational tech giants. The US has urged Canada not to go ahead with its plan to impose the tax starting on Jan. 1, 2024. The plan empowers the federal Cabinet to set a date to begin collecting the tax after the law goes into effect.

Georgia’s gasoline tax comes back at midnight. Republican Gov. Brian Kemp waived the state taxes of 31.2 cents per gallon of gasoline and 35 cents per gallon of diesel in September, declaring that high prices were an emergency. Because Georgia’s General Assembly begins a special session today, Gov. Kemp could not extend the waiver further.

Group advocates for elimination of all Michigan property taxes. The AxMITax ballot committee wants voters to decide next November whether to eliminate property taxes by amending Michigan’s constitution. The group estimates that taxpayers could save $14 billion a year, but that could come at the expense of schools, libraries and museums. The group plans to begin circulating petitions in January.

Next week: Moore v. US: How Did the U.S. Supreme Court React? What Direction Might It Take? On Dec. 6, Robert Alt of the Buckeye Institute and TPC’s Steve Rosenthal will join a DC Bar panel session moderated by The Wall Street Journal’s Richard Rubin to discuss the prior day’s oral arguments in Moore v. U.S. The Court decision could reshape significant pieces of existing US tax law and limit congressional authority to tax unrealized capital gains or wealth. The remote program begins at 11 am Eastern on Wednesday, Dec. 6. Early bird registration ends Friday, Dec. 1. 


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