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For many Latino students and their families, obtaining a college degree is an important moment in their lives – if not the most important one in their professional journey. But the stress of having to pay for higher education can sometimes cause many students to step away from that goal. 

For the third consecutive year, TurboTax is proud to launch the #LeadingConEducación program created to empower students to pursue higher education and become the next generation of Latino professionals. In partnership with Everfi, we will provide 40 educational grants to high school seniors and college students seeking financial support to complete their college degree or go after a higher education diploma.

Students living in underserved communities have limited access to financial education programs, entrepreneurial training, and other resources that prepare them for the future. During the 2021-2022 school year in the U.S., nearly one in four high school students had guaranteed access to personal finance courses. However, according to Next Gen Personal Finance, this figure drops to one in 20 students in schools where more than 75% of students are economically disadvantaged.

The #LeadingConEducación initiative is a multi-year educational program that helps prepare young Latinos to take control of their finances through educational content, webinars, and hands-on experience via Intuit TurboTax simulation, a tax preparation course in Spanish and English provided by EverFi

Through this new corporate responsibility educational program, students will be equipped to succeed and overcome the fear of managing their personal finances, prepare them to file taxes for the first time, and introduce them to additional tax information and simulations including gig-economy, crypto and other investment scenarios that will ensure they get the refund they deserve and the best tax outcome.

Visit the #LeadingConEducación page to apply for this educational grant. The 2023 application process is currently open and will run through April 30, 2023 11:59pm ET. Apply now!

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