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TurboTax Live Full Service is now available in Español! The new Spanish language fully assisted experience will transform tax preparation for Latino taxpayers this season.  

With TurboTax Live Full Service in Español, taxpayers can now meet with a bilingual tax expert and in just one session have their taxes prepared, signed and filed for them. Users simply upload their documents, get matched to a Tax Expert based on their specific tax situation and language preference, and their expert will do the rest.  

Making the tax preparation experience even easier, Spanish speakers will also now have access to Spanish shopping and onboarding experiences. 

 TurboTax Live Full Service features:

  • A Personal Welcome Call to Get Started: Taking the pain and confusion out of gathering documents and data. A quick call in Spanish will help Latino taxpayers easily organize their documents, start loading them into their secure tax hub, and get matched to a dedicated tax expert.
  • Full Hand Off and Taxes Done in One Session: Filers can hand their taxes off to a bilingual tax expert and be done in one meeting. Get all their questions answered in real time and review everything before filing. No waiting, no wondering, just taxes done right.
  • Specialized Self-Employed, Investor, and Small Business Tax Experts: From the start, self-employed, incorporated small business owners, and investors will be matched with specialized tax experts experienced in their situation, who can optimize their tax savings and provide year-round guidance and savings strategies.
  • Stay with the Same Trusted Bilingual Expert: With Full Service, taxpayers get matched with an expert they get to know and trust, who can help them make the best decisions based on their situation. Customers can even request to have the same tax expert do their taxes again next year.

File in the language of your choice and with 100% confidence with TurboTax Live Full Service en Español. Get started today and leave it to a tax expert to handle your taxes from start to finish.

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